Prairie Plus began as an outgrowth of Von Dreele - Freerksen Construction (VDF) to satisfy the need for high-quality cabinetry that other design companies just weren't providing, especially for older homes with specific period renovation needs. Frustrated by the lack of detail and durability seen in standard cabinet companies, we decided to launch our own company to directly handle high-quality cabinetry and custom design needs our clients expect.

From its beginnings in 1988, Prairie Plus has grown into its own, in-demand entity. What started as a cabinetry and design firm has expanded into a full-service design house to address the entire living space of a home and the needs of its residents. In collaboration with VDF, Prairie Plus designers guide our clients through each step of the design process to ensure that every element of a space works in harmony with their home by coordinating design drawings, materials, lighting, fixtures, furnishings, installation, and construction itself.

We spend time with our clients to make sure we provide the appropriate recommendations, expertise, and direction for each unique project.


Click through for samples of Prairie Plus work, including cabinetry by WoodHarbor Custom Cabinetry and custom outdoor kitchens: